About Us

The Story

Towner Companies was founded in 2013. The Mission of the company is simple. Acquire cash flowing real estate to take advantage of four key things.
  1. Cashflow
  2. Appreciation
  3. Loan Reductions
  4. Tax Advantages (Depreciation)
Along the way, we hope to create thriving partnerships with investors, vendors, suppliers, brokers, and others that stand the test of time.
Development and Construction are at the foundation of the Towner Companies Real Estate Business. Greg cut his teeth out of college working for two Nationwide Commercial Construction Management Companies, and evolved into an Executive working for large scale Healthcare Organizations across the US, managing projects ranging from $1,000,000 – $130,000,000.
In 2013, Towner Companies started investing in cash flowing real estate and has never looked back. The size and scale may have grown overtime, but the principles remain the same.