West Circle Storage, a 378 unit self storage facility, is currently under construction and progressing quickly!  Phase 1, roughly 250 units, is expected to be completed by mid August, with units being able to be rented late July.

Below are some current aerial drone photos showing the progress on site.  We are excited to bring this project to market as soon as possible!  Stay tuned for more updates along the way.

West Circle Storage, directly behind Costco in NW Rochester!

5 of the 7 Phase 1 building pads in place. Storm sewer going in!

Here is the full unit layout for the entire project. Note there is an office located in Building A, which is also a climate controlled building. The rest of the buildings are standard cold storage.

And here is what is being built in Phase 1. The shaded area is Phase 2, which is scheduled to be built in 2021.

Early prototype of office. Final details being completed as we speak!

Special moment having my girls on site with me. Trying to make them proud!

The best feeling and a special moment!

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