If you are looking to start a business in your spare time, because for whatever reason you are crazy like Amy and I and actually LOVE the idea of working in your free time, then I want to make sure I share a message with you.  Do not start a business that is going to tie you down.  Start a business that, eventually, will free you up.  Lets dive a little deeper…

To get started with any business, it is obviously going to take work.  But you should be able to take a week, a month, or even a couple months off and continue to operate your business from anywhere around the world.

Not all businesses offer this opportunity, but real estate does.

We have been lucky to travel all over as of recently.  Mexico, San Diego, La Jolla, New York, etc., and each time, we have always been able to unplug, or plug back in remotely as we choose to.

In fact on our most recent 10 day trip to Arizona to see my in-laws, I was actually able to come across a great deal on a duplex close to Mayo Clinic, and then successfully get it under contract (we close on it tomorrow by the way!).

If your business requires you to be there all the time as the key operator and face, then know that it is okay, but you will not have the freedom you desire until you figure out how to build a business that runs whether you are physically there or not.

And more importantly, once you start a business that allows you to work remotely, you can then start envisioning a life where, hopefully at a young age, you are able to take extended vacations, travel around the world, and never fall behind in your business.  Setting up systems (also known as standard operating procedures) early on in your business, will ensure that things run smoothly, and once you scale it up big enough, you can start to fire yourself from certain roles and hire individuals to perform the daily, more routine tasks of your business.

What to expect when you travel:

If you choose to build a real estate portfolio in your spare time like us, then I think its important you have a clear understand on what travel will look like.  Just because you start a business that can be ran remotely for the most part, doesn’t mean nothing will come up.  Since my wife handles 100% of the day to day operations of Towner Companies, she is usually fielding a few emails and text messages each day.  Basic stuff here and there.  It doesn’t really stress her out because she is doing it under a cabana, or on the beach.  In fact it makes it kind of fun because she knows that she is doing this, to help ensure a brighter future for our entire family.

For me, I take the opportunity on a trip to sort of unplug from the day to day hustle, and then plug into the more creative side of my brain and spirit.  On these trips is usually when I dive into my laptop, and start writing down goals for the year ahead, dreaming up projects I’d like to get involved with, etc.  Where as I used to sit on vacation and dream about having a business to build, I now get to think up new and exciting opportunities for our business, such as what properties I’d like to buy, how I’d like to expand or contract what we do, and what the next 5 years should look like for us.

Lastly, you should expect to take some time to reflect on where you are at.  Amy and I never find the time to sit down and talk about our achievements, failures, and other life events of the current and the past.  But when we take a trip somewhere, we often find that to be the perfect time to reflect and check in with each other to make sure we are happy with what we are doing and where we are headed.

We talk about how my job is going, and make sure that I love what I and doing there.  We talk about how being home everyday and managing all the rentals is going for Amy.  We discuss how thankful we are that she is able to be home each day with our beautiful daughter.  We talk about opportunities we missed out on, or maybe business decisions we made that weren’t right and how we can learn from that in future.

And perhaps most importantly, we talk about how we can better balance everything out in our lives.

My job is very demanding, and I’m lucky because I absolutely love it. I pour lot of my heart and soul into it, and then when you add on a passion business we run on the side, plus making sure we are active parents in our growing family, its easy to see how balance can quickly be lost.  And although I am not someone good at balancing everything out in life, we do take the time to talk about achieving more balance, and even create little goals that we can aim for.  This helps us get a little bit better, with each and every trip.

At the end of the day, you should always fall back on WHY you are building a business, especially when you are doing it as a passion in your spare time.  Most often, you are building it because you desire the freedom that can eventually come with it.  And if that is what you desire, then I urge you to take a serious look into real estate investing, as I believe it is one of a few industries out there that allows you to leverage technology and run your business remotely 95% of the time.

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